El Salvador

It is the smallest country in Central America, also known as “America’s Thumb” It is also the country with more volcanoes per square kilometer in the world. It has the 3rd most beautiful lake in the world that is known for its turquoise color of volcanic origin. Its 310 km approx. bathe the Pacific Coast along the entire territory and to be 29.5 ° C warm water all year round, offering an abundance of marine life and is a destination to be visited any time of year great for events or conferences incentives regardless of the date you have workable plan. El Salvador has one of the 10 best waves around the world for surfing, tropical climate all year round, never meet with extreme climates, offers the largest exhibition complex in Central America. Its geographic location highlights the most beautiful sunsets on the beach as well as a warm and welcoming sunrise which invites the visitor to fully enjoy your stay.

Very few countries around the world offer the ability to have breakfast in the mountains, lunch in an exotic warm-water beach and dinner in a beautiful volcanic lake … all in the same day. Visit us is a real incentive!.

Our connectivity allows us to be part of a major multi. Know our distance:

• Airport to capital: 35 minutes by car.

• Airport to beach: 15 minutes by car.

• El Salvador to Guatemala: 25 minutes by plane / 3 hours by car.

• El Salvador to Honduras: 25 minutes by plane / 4 hours by car.

• El Salvador to Nicaragua: 1 hour by plane / 4:30 hours by car.

• El Salvador to Miami: 1:45 minutes by plane

• El Salvador to Madrid: 8 hours by plane

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San Salvador
General Information
Capital San Salvador
Government Republic
Currency US dollar (USD)
Area total: 21,040 km2
Language Spanish, Nahuat (among some Amerindians)
Electricity 120-240V/60Hz (USA plug)
Calling Code +503
Internet TLD .sv
Time Zone UTC-6
Climate Tropical; rainy season (May to October); dry season (November to April); tropical on the coast; temperate in the uplands.